Insignia Brokered

SFR Fix & Flip or Bridge

Welcome to Insignia Brokered Fix and Flip or BrokerDirect (IB), where we arrange financing solutions for both “fix and flip” and “bridge loans” on investment properties through our vast network of private lenders, life insurance companies, hedge funds, and specialty banks.
At Insignia Capital Corp, we understand that not every project will meet our investing guidelines, which is why we have an established track record of delivering high-quality fix and flip and bridge loans to our lending partners. As both a lender and a broker, we have access to ample sources of capital for your next project.
Our expertise as a lender sets us apart from other brokers in this space. We understand how to structure and deliver high-quality loans to our investors, ensuring that you receive the best financing solution for your needs. However, in some instances, brokering a transaction may be the best solution for our borrowers if the transaction falls outside of our investing guidelines.
Rest assured that Insignia Capital Corp is committed to finding the right financing solution for you, whether it be through our direct lending program or our network of lending partners. Contact us today to learn more about our Brokered Fix & Flip Bridge Direct program and start financing your next investment property.

Loan Terms and Features

Loan Amounts
$100,000 -- $6,000,000 plus
Lien Position
Rates from
9.50% *
Interest Only
2% to 3%
Lender Fees
Minimum Credit Score
LTC up to
LTARV up to
12-24 months
Property Types
1-4 units
5 or more flips in the past 2 years
Borrower Entity Required


Complete list of requirements provided upon submission of loan package


    • *This loan program is only available for investors and not consumers. Loans are intended for investment and business purposes only. Loans are primarily for other than personal, family or household purposes.


  • Insignia Capital Corp is arranging the loan under this loan program.


There’s a reason why I’ve done 7 originations with Insignia Loans within the last 2 years. Noah is diligent, attentive,strategical, and professional. Through thick and thin, he has always pulled through.

Alexander Hernandez

We buy properties in the $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 range to fix and flip. We’ve financined over 40 projects with Noah over the years and he is fast and fair on the deals. He knows the business and what we need to get our transactions done.


Most lenders want the big deals but Noah is happy to help me even on my small ones. He understands how to structure a deal and is very knowedgeble about real estate. He is my first call on every deal.

Javier B.

I am an investor that buys one to two properties each year to fix and flip. I value working with Noah as he understands the market and will tell me the truth about my deals. He can move fast and get the deals done.

Brett M.

As a real estate investor I need a lender that is creative and understands the needs of a small business owner/developer. I’ve done over 30 loans with Noah and he is my go to lender for my residential purchases.

Robert P.

I have worked with Noah to financing my fix and flips business for over 10 years and he has always gone the extra mile to make the deals work. He understands what I need and makes it happen. I strongly recommend him as my go to lender.

Manuel D.